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Equipment Repair

Please reach out to your local IT support if you have any issues with the app.  

This indicates an issue with the equipment master data fileAccuracy of the equipment master data file is critical for the BSNA Services App Equipment Repair Request feature.  This request will need to be called into your local Equipment Services Center according to existing procedures.  

Most Coca-Cola assets have multiple asset tags on them.  Each asset tag has an asset number, serial number and model number. You may have scanned either the serial or model number instead of the asset number, please try again.  If this still doesn’t work, it could be the asset number label is defaced.  Look for the alternate asset tag and scan again.  You may also try entering the asset number by typing it into the app.  If all the above don’t work, call the Equipment Services Call Center via the app to request a service ticket.  

This indicates an issue with the equipment master data file. Accuracy of the equipment master data file is critical for the BSNA Services App Equipment Repair Request feature.  This request will need to be called into your local Equipment Services Center according to existing procedures. 

In versions 1.10.15 or newer yes, an EST # is provided upon submitting a request through the app.

In versions older than 1.10.15, no, an EST # is not provided in the app.  The user will receive an e-mail when the equipment service ticket is created. The e-mail will provide the equipment service tracking number and the dispatch service order number.  These two numbers refer to the same service ticket.  The equipment service tracking number is used by the Equipment Service Call Center to quickly look-up the existing ticket.  The dispatch service order number is used by the dispatchers to look-up the ticket. This item will be in future enhancements of the app.

No, not currently. This item will be in future enhancements of the app.

No, not currently. This item will be in future enhancements of the app.

No.  The app can only be used to submit a ticket.  The actual service ticket exists only in CONA. 

The Equipment Service Center checks every new request against existing, open service tickets for that piece of equipment.  If they find an existing ticket, they will not create a second ticket for the same asset.  In the response e-mail, they will provide the tracking numbers for the existing ticket back to the requestor.

General Request

Go to your BSNA SharePoint site and interact with the dashboard elements or visit the “Requests” page. Click here to find out about accessing your SharePoint site.

Your IT department can install the BSNA Services App on your Android phone, iPhone, Android tablet or iPad. Contact your IT department for more instructions.

You may not have permissions to the service types that apply to your job role.  Email with your request and we will get back to you.